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Bizenghast is an original English-language (OEL) manga series written and illustrated by M. AliceLeGrow. It is published in North America and other countries by Tokyopop and is consists of eight books. After placing in Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga competition, LeGrow won an opportunity to have a manga series published by Tokyopop; Bizenghast is her debut series. Set in the haunted New England town of Bizenghast, the story follows an orphaned teenage girl named Dinah who is tasked with returning each night to an ancient mausoleum to free the ghosts within the building with the aid of her best friend, Vincent, and two of the guildsmen, Edaniel and Edrear. Several adaptations of Bizenghast have been released, including a novel by Shawn Thorgersen, animated episodes, and a tabletop role playing game. Critics praised Bizenghast for the gothic atmosphere and art, but noted the traditional elements and varying quality of the series.
The series has been finished with a total of eight volumes.
For information about the volumes' content, see Chapters
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